Welcome to Maple Cove Cabin

Welcome to our beautiful vacation rental on Pender Island. On 22 acres, we are fortunate to be able to combine wild and untouched forests, a garden, our house and our beautiful and private cabin that offers a stunning 180 degree view over Port Browning.

We are both originally from the Pacific Northwest and after spending 20 amazing years creating Hadspen garden in Somerset, England we have returned to the unique serene landscape of Pender Island. Despite our efforts to retire and enjoy our small sailboat, recline on the deck and watch the boats in the bay, we have not been successful at sitting still and have spent the last 3 years developing Maple Cove Garden, our organically managed vegetable/fruit garden, raising a small flock of hens and enjoying our 22 acre woodland here on Razor Point Road.

Please feel free to browse our site to learn more about your opportunities to spend some time at Maple Cove Cabin in utter relaxation and serene beauty.

Sandra & Nori Pope

Sandra Pope, Nori Pope Accommodation Pender Island Maple Cove Cabin